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Tricycle Riding Guide

Tricycle Riding Guide



Help your little child ride their tricycle with our easy guide…


But first, a little bit about your child’s pushing and pedaling development…When will my toddler be able to use a ride-on toy?  The moment your little toddler realizes that she can move around with her feet, she will love using them with little wheels in a step-by-step manner.


When will my child be able to use a ride-on toys?

You need to make sure that your child can walk well and is confident in doing so before they can move onto ride-on toys and trikes.  Coordination and strength between the leg muscles is critical.   This will happen usually around age two.  The second point to ensure is that the ride-on she uses is low enough so that she can use her legs to push along if needed.  Typically, ride-on toys have four wheels.


Initially, your child may not be able to pedal the ride-on.  They may be able to only push along with their alternating feet.   Once she gets the hang of it, she may realize that she can move it faster.


The next stage…

Once your child is able to move along on a ride-on toy, they will now be ready for a balance bike.  Balance bikes have two wheels and no stabilizers (smaller wheels) on the sides.  They are usually low and your toddler will be able to firmly plant their feet on the ground.


Once she’s confident on a four-wheeler, she can progress to a balance bike. This has just two wheels, and no stabilizers. It’s low enough for your toddler to plant her feet firmly on the ground. Your toddler can push the bike forward with her feet or you can push her along from behind. As she gains confidence, she’ll get the hang of how to balance on the bike.


The next stage is on a tricycle with three wheels (trikes).  Tricycles are wonderful for your child’ muscle strength and coordination.  When your child pedals she will enjoy the speed too.  Typically, your child will be around age three when they are on a tricycle on their own.


How to help our child ride their tricycle with Nidara-Children


What should I look for when choosing a tricycle or trike?

  • Safety is paramount.  Choose a tricycle that has a stable design.  It should also have wide base.  If your child’s weight it lower to the ground when they are on the tricycle, chances of injury are lower.
  • Purchase a tricycle only when your child is physically able to handle it.  This is usually around age three.
  • Make sure that the trike is built low to the ground and has big wheels.  This will ensure that your child does not tip over.
  • Get a helmet, arm pads and knee pads that fit appropriately. Guide your child to use it every time she rides the tricycle.
  • Make sure your child rides on their tricycles in safe places.  Don’t let your children ride near main roads, swimming pools and drive ways.




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