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Toddler Walking Guide

Toddler Walking Guide



Everything you need to know about training your little one to walk on their own…


At what age will my baby walk?

Your little baby will start taking baby steps at 9 to 12 months of age.  But usually around 14 months to 15 months of age they should be well on their way to walking well.  It is perfectly ok if your baby starts walking around 18 months too.  During these months, you baby is developing the strength they need in their leg muscles to walk and run.  First, she will learn to sit, roll over, and crawl before moving on to pulling up and standing at about 9 months of age.


How does your baby learn to walk?

Your baby’s legs aren’t strong enough but you can help him stand up by holding him upright under his arms.  Your baby will move his feet around and instinctively learn to push his feet hard against the floor.  This will last only a few months.


How to help our toddler walk with Nidara-Children


How to help your baby walk

Your baby might need some help in pulling himself into a standing position and getting back down again.  If your child cries because he gets stuck, resist the urge to pick him up.  Instead, show him how to bend his knees and sit down without falling over.  Encourage him to try it for himself.


Here are some easy steps..

  1. Stand or kneel in front of your child and hold out our arms (this encourages your child to walk toward you)
  2. At this point, your baby will walk toward you
  3. You can further help your child by giving him a push toy that he can hold into as he trains
  4. When you are helping your baby walk, make sure that they have soft surface to fall on
  5. Make sure you childproof your home and never leave your baby alone


What about a baby walked…Should I get a baby walker?

Baby walkers make it easy for your baby to walk around and can sometimes prevent the leg muscles from developing well.  In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly discourages baby walkers.


When is the right time for my baby to wear shoes?

It is best to introduce your baby to shoes until they are walking around outside.  Encouraging your baby to walk around with bare feet inside your home helps develop their gross motor coordinate and balance.


What to do if your baby isn’t walking yet

Don’t worry.  Some children take their time.  However, if your baby doesn’t stand with support at about 12 months, cannot walk at about 18 months or isnt’ able to walk without too many issues about 2 years, talk to your doctor.


It is important to note that children have different schedules and premature babies may take longer to reach their milestones than their peers.




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