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The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep



Getting a good night’s sleep is as important for you as it is for your little children.

In today’s fast paced world, we sleep to always be wound up.  A good night’s sleep has the ability to keep our hearts at peace, our brains at rest and improve overall health.  The quality of our sleep affects how we interact with people around us, especially if you are raising young children.  Research has shown that prolonged periods of poor sleep can lead to depression and anxiety.


Setting up a good routine before bedtime can lead to restful sleep.  After trying many suggestions, here is our go-to routine:



Set regular wake up and sleep times

Our bodies follow a circadian rhythm that regulates our sleep, hormone production and other bodily functions.  Consistency is key as it relies on that for effective functioning.  Sticking to regular times is critical even if you want to sleep in on the weekend!




Decrease exposure to blue light

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the main source of blue light.  They are a big no no before bedtime.  Blue light emits rays that make our brains think that it is still day time and keeps us awake.  About 30 minutes before bedtime, stop using all devices.




No caffeine in the afternoon

Many of us have a mid-day pick me up coffee.  Caffeine has a stimulating effect on our bodies up to 6 hours in a healthy adult.  Drink hot water instead to warm up your body and you’re your mind going.




Regular exercise

Working out before bedtime can have the reverse effect as the body produces more serotonin and adrenaline.  While before bedtime is not the ideal time for working out, any exercise is still better than none.  Morning work outs are the best way to help you get good night’s sleep.




Establish a quiet, relaxing bedtime routine

Calming before bedtime is important. A nice warm bath or long shower can help us calm down from the day.  Soothe your senses with gently scented candles, sip your favorite herbal tea and listen to some peaceful music and you should be ready for a great night’s sleep.




If you can’t sleep

If you find yourself waking up during the middle of the night, read something until you fall asleep again.  Try drinking some warm milk to help you drift back into sound sleep.  Meditation music is also a great way to help you calm your mind.



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