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Personal Hygiene: Top 10 Habits for Kids

Personal Hygiene:  Top 10 Habits for Kids

Curiosity and an unending desire to explore everything around them makes little children prone to germs.  Here is our top ten list of habits that little ones must cultivate for staying healthy:



1. Oral Hygiene

Brushing teeth twice a day is an important habit to form early on.  Germs from foods and drinks can deposit in your child’s mouth causing toothache and swollen gums.  Equally important is cleaning mouth after every meal.


2. Nails

Keep your child’s nail short and cleanly trimmed.  Their nails might be tender during these early years.  Use nail files to trim their nails instead of a nail cutter.  Weekly nail trims are recommended.  If your child bites their nails, discourage it immediately.  This can transfer harmful bacteria to their little mouth, that can go into their stomachs causing many problems.


3. Bath time

While it is important to encourage independence from a young age, staying close to your child while they attempt to bathe on there is important.  Never leave your child alone.  Encourage taking a bath twice a day: once in the morning and once before bedtime. Guide them to wash different parts of the body with soap and rinse with warm water.


4. Hands

Washing hands can be a life-saving activity.  Teach your child to wash their hands with soap and water.  If you are out, use hand wipes to guide your child.  Little hands are to be washed before and after meals, after using the bathroom, after playing in the dirt or with pets, after coughing, and after interacting with someone who is sick.


5. Clean Feet

Equally important is keep clean feet.  Excess sweat and heat can cause germs to run wild in your child’s feet after being active.  Encourage your child to wash their feet twice a day with warm water and soap.  Keep their shoes clean and dry.  And after a shower, use a child-friendly moisturizer and keep their feet hydrated.


6. Toilet

After using the toilet, encourage your child to wipe thoroughly from front to back with toilet paper.  Then using a little toilet shower have them clean the area with water.  Teach your child to flush the toilet and use the bidet, if you have one.  Once again, have them wash their hands after using the toilet with soap and water.


7. Coughing and Sneezing

If your little one has a cold, then a handkerchief or soft tissues are a must.  Show them how to cover their mouth and face, using either a handkerchief or a tissue, while coughing or sneezing.


8. Home Cleanliness

Guide your child to keep their bedroom clean.  Put all the toys and books where they belong.  Encourage them to throw their dirty clothes in the basket and show them how to make their beds.


9. Speaking Habits

Young children do not how to talk to adults or other children politely.  Encourage them to speak in low voices.  They often imitate others around them, so make sure to be a good role model.  Make sure your child drinks room temperature or lukewarm water throughout the day.  These help vocal chords develop.  Teach your child to use a consistent tone of voice while talking to others.


10. Hair Care

For little children, it is important to wash hair 2-3 times a week. This will keep it free from dirt and grease. Use a gentle child-friendly shampoo.  Good nutrition is also critical.  Organic foods with protein and omega 3 like eggs and walnuts are important for good hair growth.  Get your child’s hair trimmed at a salon once a month to keep it manageable.  Put a hair band or tie a ponytail to keep it neat.



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