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NC Exercise Routine for Kids: Legs

NC Exercise Routine for Kids: Legs



Follow our exercise routine and help your child gain leg strength during the early childhood years…


Level: Beginner

Total Exercise Time: 20 minutes


You will need

  • Exercise shorts or tights
  • Tshirt
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Sippy cup/ Water bottle with plain water
  • Small towel
  • Large open space



Let’s Get Started


Get ready


Best Exercises for Kids


Get your child to wear the right clothes for physical movements


Best Exercises for Kids


Situate yourself in the large empty space in your house


Best Exercises for Kids


Keep a small Sippy cup or bottle of water and towel next to your child


Warm up

Then, warm up the legs with simple stretches as below:


Best Exercises for Kids


Touch Your Toes: Have your child bend their waist, and touch their toes. Count till 8  and do it again.  Make sure they keep their knees straight during this exercise for them to feel this stretch.

Great for: Hamstrings in the back of the legs and will help children grow taller.


Best Exercises for Kids


Butterfly Stretch:  Have your children sit down on the floor and bring the soles of their feet together. Have them pull their feet toward their body and push their knees toward the floor. Count 8 and repeat for another 8.

Great for:  Lower back muscles and thigh muscles


Best Exercises for Kids


Child’s Pose: Have your children kneel down on the floor like in the picture and lean forward with their head towards the floor.  Count 8 and then repeat for another set of 8.

Great for:  Back muscles


Best Exercises for Kids


Reach for the stars: Have your children stand up and raise their arms up towards the sky, stretching their whole body upward.  Have them count 8 and repeat for another set of 8.

Great for: stretching the whole body


Start Exercising


Best Exercises for Kids


Calf raises:  Have your child stand up and lift up their tiptoes and hold for a second and then lower it again. Repeat this for two sets of 8.


Best Exercises for Kids


Jumping jacks: Have your child and move their legs apart sideways and bring their legs.  Repeat this for two sets of 8.


Best Exercises for Kids


Jumps:  Have your child jump up and down for two sets of 8.



Cool down

Stretch again and cool down your little child’s body


Best Exercises for Kids


Awesome job today! We will see you next time!




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