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NC Book Club: December Pick

NC Book Club: December Pick



Beautiful books to warm up this winter month…


Winnie-the-Pooh: Pooh’s Christmas adventure

Perfect for:  getting into the winter season

Ideal for: age 2+

Story:  Join Winnie the Pooh on his adventure with this adorable book.  It’s a very snowy day in the Hundred Acre Wood, and Winnie the Pooh realizes that some of his other cute little animal friends might be snowed in to their houses.  With the help of his friend Piglet, he decides to help all of the other animals clear the snow away and get out of their homes.  After all that shoveling, Christopher Robin shows them all how to make a snowman and have fun!


All I Want For Christmas by Rachel Bright

Perfect for: showing your little child you love them.

Ideal for: age 2+

Story: This adorable story tells the tale about two cute penguins preparing for Christmas. As both the Little Penguin and Big Penguin start decorating the tree and send a list for Santa, it turns out that they have everything they need.  They have all the love, kindness and affection in each other. With all the perfect rhymes this is a great book for little ones.


Christmas for Greta and Gracie

Perfect for: learning about how to be a good sibling.

Ideal for: age 2+

Story: Greta and Gracie are sisters who share many similarities.  But there is one problem; Great loves to talk and Gracie loves to listen.  Sometimes, the younger sibling will be dominated by the older one. But her gentle, quiet nature allows her to spot a cute little visitor on Christmas Eve…with beautiful illustrations, this is a must-read book during Christmas time.


Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

Perfect for: having some fun

Ideal for: age 3+

Story:  Little Blur Truck is spreading cheer all around because it’s that time of year!  He is delivering Christmas trees to his friends and they are all so happy!  Can you help him count all the trees?  With its beautiful illustrations and perfect rhythms, Little Blue Truck is going give tons tons of fun this winter holiday season.  Sturdy pages, small and child-friendly text, and colored Christmas lights on the final page come beautifully together in a novelty gift book that’s sure to be the favorite gift of the season.


The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

Perfect for: loads of cute,  festive fun

Ideal for: ages 3+

Story: The traditional seasonal song gets a twist with this comical tale about a little puppy getting ready for his first ever Christmas.  Two dachunds deliver cards, four bulldogs pick a tree and five cute golden retrievers drool at the sight of “rings” at the bakery window! Brilliant illustrations by Marisa Morea add to the energy of the book.  After all, can we resist a puppy in a Santa hat?


The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Perfect for:  teaching your children about the joy of giving and sharing

Ideal for:  ages 3+

Story:  Brother and Sister Bear can’t wait for Christmas!  They are eager to open all the presents.  But something happens during the Christmas Eve pageant, something very special.  This teaches both the bears to share.


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