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Kid Friendly Toothpaste

Kid Friendly Toothpaste



Brushing teeth can be an uphill battle for parents with young children.  There is more paste outside their jammies than in their mouths! This might actually be a blessing in disguise if you are using a toothpaste with high levels of toxins.  Not just that, you also have to take into account the baby milestone teething issues.


What are some things to look out for when buying the best children’s toothpaste?


Is it Fluoride-free?

Yes, fluorides although ok for adult teeth, can be harmful to children’s cognitive and other developmental abilities.


Is it paraben-free?

These are another category of chemicals that should be avoided for children.  Parabens are a common cosmetic ingredient.  Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in personal care products; they stop fungus, bacteria and other microbes from growing in your favorite creams and makeup, especially in the moist, warm environment of a bathroom.  Many of the best baby toothpaste is paraben-free.


Is it sulfate-free?

Another dangerous chemical that growing children’s bodies and immune systems cannot handle.  Many of the best toothpaste for two-year-olds are paraben-free.



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Is it free of artificial flavors?

Although these can be great for young children as their taste buds are still growing, they can prove to have long term detrimental effects on their cognitive and other developmental abilities.


Is it gluten-free?

Research shows that many growing children do not have tolerance levels to digest gluten. Over a period of time, your child can develop many cavities even if you are making them brush their teeth and floss regularly. Many of the best toothpaste for toddlers are gluten-free.


Is it artificial dye-free?

For a growing child, the color of the toothpaste may make them run towards it, but in reality, it might cause issues like stomach aches and other cognitive effects.


Is it organic?

Try looking for a toothpaste that uses as many organic products are possible.  For a growing child, it is a must to keep in mind their tender bodies and minds before purchasing products on a daily basis.  Some of the best children’s toothpaste is organic.


The EWG site also has an exhaustive list of products that are safe to use for children and clearly outlines their rating methods as well.  The rating scale for toothpaste on a scale from zero to 10. A toothpaste with a score from zero to two is considered to have a very low hazard. Toothpaste with a score from three to six are moderate, and anything above that is considered high. Many factors like ingredients, toxicity, immunotoxicity, and allergens are taken into account for the scoring process.


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Little toddlers love the toothpaste. It is best to choose a fluoride-free toothpaste for all children under the age of 2.


5 best toothpaste for kids:


1. Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste

EWG Rating:1

Flavors: Blackcurrent, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, banana, unflavoured


2. Kiss My Face Gentle Toothpaste with Fluoride for Kids

EWG rating: 2

Flavors: Berry


3. Tom’s of Maine Natural Fluoride Free Children’s Toothpaste

EWG rating: 2

Flavors: Strawberry, orange-mango


4. Weleda Calendula Toothpaste

EWG rating: 2

Flavors: Fennel/spearmint


5. Babyganics Fluoride Free Toothpaste

EWG rating: 2

Flavors: Strawberry, watermelon


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