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Keeping Kids Entertained Indoors

Keeping Kids Entertained Indoors



Coronavirus (COVID-19) is here… Spring days and kids pent up in the house driving you crazy? Time to get creative in keeping them engaged, but with what? See below for our favorite indoor activities for kids.


Art Activities

Coloring and drawing:  It can be as simple as taking out those coloring books and getting creative.  You will be amazed at how engaged children can get, especially if you have a toddler at home.


Paper craft:  Get your kids to color in different papers, tear them up into different pieces and stick them into shapes they drew.


Creative crafts:  Sometimes, basic coloring an drawing just don’t cut it.  Get your kids to takes out those glue sticks, some socks, beads, ribbons and get them creating wonderful crafts to display on your wall.


Jewelry making:  Just with some buttons in our home, have your child make bracelets and wear them.


Play Doh:  Nothing like letting your mind wander free and create things from scratch.  This activity not only encourages creative thinking, but also enforces individual play.


How to keep kids entertained indoors



Physical Activities

Indoor Camping:  Pitch that pop up tent in our child’s room and have a camp in your home.  Add in that hot chocolate and marshmallows to make this a favorite among all the indoor activities.


Scavenger hunt:  Set up a small scavenger hunt in your home. Write up small clues in a piece of paper and have your child find the clues!


Gardening: If you have a backyard, or even small pots, throw in some mustard seeds and teach your children about gardening at home.


Other fun activities


Puzzles:  Sitting down calmly and putting together puzzles is a wonderful way for children to use their time.  Not only do indoor games like puzzles improve their thinking capabilities, but also calms their minds.


Baking:  Pizza is one of the most liked foods for little kids.  Get them helping you in the kitchen with making the pizza with their favorite toppings.


Movie night:  Selecting the right movies and cartoons is important.  Make some popcorn and slide in their favorite DVD in comfortable pajamas.  Nothing like watching their favorite Disney cartoons and having good old family fun!


Sensory bins: Throw in some rice or sand in a toy bucket.  Add in some plastic toy insects and have your child find them!




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