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How to prepare your family for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How to prepare your family for Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Why Should I Get Ready for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Now?

Staying at home is becoming the new normal. Employers are asking everyone to stay home to avoid contact and getting sick from coronavirus COVID-19. People who get the disease will need to stay away from other for atleast 14 days or until the doctor say its ok to be around others.

As the number of cases increase, more people become sick and businesses close, it may take longer to find the daily supplies we need to survive. At this time, it is important to plan and prepare to get through this challenging time.


Prepare your family for coronavirus (covid-19) with our guide


How Can I Get Ready for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The first step towards preparing for coronavirus (COVID-19) is to list down all the things you need to stay home. Government officials are asking its citizens to go out only when absolutely needed so that they don’t fall sick. Making sure that your home is well stocked with the essentials will give you some peace of mind.

If with even after all the planning, you need to get essential items, try and go during non-peak hours when it might not be so crowded. If it is possible, order groceries online and opt for home delivery. When you bring the groceries home, disinfect the items and wash your hands before going out and after coming back home.


Prepare your family for coronavirus (covid-19) with our guide


What Do I need to Be Ready for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Food and water. Select food that doesn’t spoil easily and can stay on the shelf for a long period of time. Canned foods, juices, rice, granola bars, rice, dried beans and lentils, peanut butter and dry cereals are great for long periods of time. Remember to buy baby foods if needed and if you have pets, stock up on dry pet food too.

Food for when your family becomes sick. Food items like soup, crackers and pediatric fluids are good to stock up on if someone gets sick.

Household and cleaning supplies. Bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, dusting cloths, surface cleaners, shampoo, soap, tooth paste, toilet paper, hand soap, and dish soap are a must on your list.

Medicines. Ibuprofen (for baby and adult), fever reducers, cough syrups, lozenges, band aids, Dettol are key. Make sure prescriptions are filled and on hand as well.

Thermometer. You might need a digital thermometer, temporal artery thermometer, or electronic ear (tympanic) thermometer Depending on your child’s age.

Face Masks and Gloves. It is important to have these for when you go out and back home inside.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Closed, playgrounds and child care centers are all closed. Make a daily scheduled to keep your child busy at home. If your employer hasn’t already given your permission to work from home, ask them for it. Make a daily schedule for your children and have them stick to it. It is important to maintain a routine and keep calm at home.




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